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Custom watches, how to choose the suitable movement?

Custom watches, how to choose the suitable movement?

Issue Time:2019-05-01
Custom watches, how to choose the suitable movement?
The watch movement is the core component of a watch. Its choice mainly depends on functional requirements, design concepts and budget. So in general, how many type movements do it have?

From the point of view of energy drive, it mainly consists of mechanical core, quartz core and digital movement. The mechanical movement relies on the upper chain to obtain energy, while the quartz movement relies mainly on the battery to obtain energy. So what are the characteristics of these two machine cores? Simply speaking, the mechanical movement can continuously obtain energy, but the error of the mechanical movement is larger than that of the quartz movement, and the cost is higher. Quartz core has the advantage of time precise and low cost, but it need to replace new battery to obtain energy. In fact, the photoelectric movement is the extension of the quartz core, which adds the module of light energy to electric energy on the basis of the quartz core. The digital movement is the movement that drives the digital display through the battery, but show the time by electronic lights.
Functionally speaking, the movement has basic type and multi-function type. Multi-Functions are mainly calendar, week, timing, phase, chronograph and so on, you can choose the movement according to different functions you need 

So what are the popular movement brand in market?

Our company focuses on high-end watch customization processing services. Normally we offen use Seiko, Miyota, Ronda, ETA, etc. I hope above informations will be useful to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact us (find more contact at the bottom of the website)
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