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Why Watches Are Not Waterproof?

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Why Watches Are Not Waterproof?
Issue Time:2019-07-01
About the watch resistance, All watches, no no matter how expensive or high quality they may be. It is only anti cold water. So far, there is no watches in the world that can prevent hot water. Some people may say that my watch did not enter the water with a hot bath. This is because the water temperature in your bath did not exceed the limit value of the waterproof structure of watch itself. Which don’t mean that your watch can be anti hot water. The water will enter into the watch once the  waterproof structure damaged.

Even if your watch is 3atm/5atm/10atm, it does not mean that the  water vapor cant enter into the watch. In the plum rain season, the humidity in the air is relatively high, and there is a huge difference in temperature, such as saunas, air-conditioned rooms, etc., Which will let the watch be entered water vapor easily. The watch resistance I-ring  will be aging with the passage of time, Which will lead to the watch waterproofing performance gradually declined. Once water vapor is found in the watch, it should be treated in time to avoid rusting watch parts and shorten the life of the watch. Thats why the watches also need regular maintenance.

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