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How to take care of your new leather watch strap?

How to take care of your new leather watch strap?

Issue Time:2019-07-01
To protect your watch strap, please be careful to avoid contact with humidity or water. In particular:
1.Do not forget to remove it before having a shower or bath.

2.Don't immerse it in the sea or swimming pools, no matter where your leather is made from.

3.Avoid applying or spraying your skin creams or perfume directly onto your strap.

4.Remove the strap before you carry out any housework to prevent any greatly detrimental damage to it.

The biggest enemy of natural leather is water.

If you drop your watch in the sink or get caught in the rain - take it off and let it dry for a night in a room temperature. Then use a leather conditioner to bring it back to life from post-water stiffness.

Don't have a conditioner nearby? I'll let you in on a little secret: standard kitchen olive oil will work just fine. Use just a little bit and massage it gently into the front side of the strap, then buff it with a cloth. The color will darken from this treatment but only temporarily, don't worry. Water or no water, I advise you to go through with this process every two months or so.

There two other elements which make a great impact on leather: sunlight and heat. The more of those it gets, the darker it will become. You can wear a natural colored strap for months around foggy London and not see much of a difference but take it for your holidays in Thailand and suddenly - your strap looks vintage. Just keep that in mind and depending on the look you prefer act accordingly.

I hope above informations will be useful to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact us (find more contact at the bottom of the website)
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